Payroll Tax Customer Education Videos

Video 1 - Payroll Tax: The Basics


Video 2 - Payroll Tax: Registration


Video 3 - Payroll Tax: Registration: Employing in multiple jurisdictions


Video 4 - Payroll Tax: Grouping


Video 5 - Payroll Tax: Understanding the annual deduction entitlement


Video 5A - Payroll Tax: Annual deduction entitlement - WA, QLD & NT


Video 6 - Payroll Tax: Understanding the monthly deduction entitlement

Video 7 - Payroll tax: Lodging your monthly return;

Video 8 - Payroll Tax: Lodging your annual return

Video 9 - Payroll Tax - Employee or contractor?

Video 10 - Payroll Tax - Contractor exemptions




These videos offer an overview of Payroll Tax in each State and Territory in Australia. Please note that the information provided is general in nature. You should contact the Revenue Office in each State or Territory in which you employ for more detailed information and advice regarding your payroll tax obligations in that State or Territory.