Payroll Tax Customer Education Webinars

 2016 Harmonised Payroll Tax Webinars (now finished).

Harmonised payroll tax webinars have been facilitated on Tuesdays and are open to anyone registered or who may need to be registered for payroll tax with an Australian state or territory revenue office.

The sessions were primarily designed to be of assistance to newly registered payroll taxpayers, and are also available to those new to the role of managing employer’s payroll tax commitments or those seeking to refresh their payroll tax knowledge.

It is recommended that the webinar series is completed in the following sequence:

Webinar 1 – Understanding the Basics – what it is, how it works
                     This webinar will cover the basics of payroll tax including topics such as:
                     • What is payroll tax?    • Thresholds and rates     • What is taxable?     
                     • Exclusion and exempt employers    • Interstate (and overseas) worker

Webinar 2 – Allowances, FBT, Exemptions and Rebates
                    This webinar will look into payroll tax in more details, in particular the topics of    
                     • Taxable wages    • Allowances   
                     • FBT (How to declare and apportion fringe benefits)    • Exemptions    • Rebates

Webinar 3 – Contractors
                    This webinar will look at payroll tax treatment of contractors, including   
                    • Employee or contractor?    • Contractor provisions    • Contractor exemptions

Webinar 4 - Groupings
                    This webinar will look at    • The background of the grouping provisions   
                     • How payroll tax groups are formed     • Exclusions from grouping

Webinars were facilitated by various states and territory revenue office personnel, with representatives from other states and territories. Content of the webinars is of a harmonised nature and applicable to all payroll taxpayers.

To register for a webinar, click on the preferred date and enter the requested details. Times for the webinars are Australian Eastern Standard Time.

Harmonised Payroll Tax information can also been viewed on the Video page

A new series of webinars will commence in early 2017.


Webinar 1

Understanding the Basics – what it is, how it works

Webinar 2

Allowances, FBT, Exemptions and Rebates

Webinar 3


Webinar 4


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