Term Definition

The definition of 'wages' in Payroll Tax legislation is very broad and is not restricted to wages or salaries.

The term 'wages' includes:

  • wages; 
  • remuneration; 
  • salaries; 
  • allowances; 
  • commissions; 
  • bonuses; 
  • employer (pre-tax) superannuation contributions including superannuation guarantee payments, salary sacrifice contributions, from 1 July 2007 (1 July 2009 in WA), the value of non-monetary contributions, and superannuation contributions to defined benefit funds;
  • appropriately grossed up value of fringe benefits, within the meaning of the Fringe Benefits Tax Assessment Act 1986 (Cwlth) (FBT Act); 
  • the value of shares and options granted to employees, directors, former directors and some contractors; 
  • payments to some contractors; 
  • payments by employment agencies arising from employment agency contracts;
  • remuneration paid by a company to or in relation to company directors, and employment termination payments and accrued leave.