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Harmonised Payroll Tax Webinars

Tuesday, July 23, 2013 - 23:14

The Commissioners from Revenue Offices in each Australian state and territory launched this joint Payroll Tax website in Adelaide on 25 July 2013.

In launching the website, Jonathon Root, Commissioner for the State Revenue Office Tasmania indicated that 'It is intended that this website will complement the work undertaken over the last 6 years for the harmonisation of Payroll Tax administration and illustrate the significant gains made by all Australian State and Territory Revenue Offices in this area.

The website will provide users with easy access to harmonised payroll tax documentation, legislation, state and territory contacts and education opportunities, comprising:

-      a one-stop location for harmonised payroll tax information and payroll tax return lodgement / payment portals;

-    information required by an employer registered in multiple jurisdictions regarding harmonised payroll tax components;

-     links to specific state and territory revenue office payroll tax information, and

-     a uniform web presence for all revenue offices payroll tax information.'