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Term/Acronym Definition

Annual Adjustment Return/Annual Return/Annual Reconciliation


Australian Business Number


Australian Taxation Office


Australian Business Number - used as part of the A New Tax System (Australian Business Number) Act 1999 of the Commonwealth.

accommodation allowance

An allowance paid or payable to an employee in respect of a night’s absence from the employee’s usual place of residence. Usually includes a component for meals, incidental costs and the accommodation cost.

actual periodic deduction

This deduction is based on the actual amount of wages that an employer pays in a period if they only pay Queensland wages and are not in a group.

Section 17 of the Payroll Tax Act (Qld) deals with how to calculate this deduction.

actual wages

The amount of wages actually paid in any return period. These are compared to the estimated amounts in other returns, which were calculated in advance.


(a) a person who, in this jurisdiction for or on behalf of another person outside this jurisdiction holds or has the management or control of the business of that other person; and

(b) a person who, by an order of the Commissioner, is declared to be an agent or the sole agent for any other person for the purposes of the (relevant Payroll Tax Act in each jurisdiction) and on whom notice of that order has been served.

aggregate interest

An entity has an aggregate interest in a corporation if: 

(a) the entity has a direct interest and one or more indirect interests in the corporation, or 

(b) the entity has more than one indirect interest in the corporation.

An entity means:

(a) a person; or

(b) two or more associated persons.

agreement / arrangement / undertaking

An agreement, arrangement or undertaking, whether formal or informal, whether expressed or implied, and whether or not the agreement, arrangement or undertaking includes provisions in respect of the supply of goods or services.


Employers often pay employees various types of allowances. Allowances are also commonly paid to comply with award requirements. Common examples of allowances include motor vehicle, tools, accommodation, tea, meal, travel, dirt and first-aid allowance.  Most allowances are liable for payroll tax, but exemptions are available for motor vehicle and accommodation allowances.

annual deduction

When the amount of taxable wages paid in a year is calculated, a deduction may apply. If your wages are combined with those of other businesses, only the designated group employer can claim this deduction for the group.

annual return

The annual payroll tax return breaks down the financial year's taxable wages and is used to calculate your liability (or refund) for the year.

associated person

Means a person who is associated with another person in accordance with any of the following provisions

(a) related persons;

(b) natural persons ,,, if they are partners in a partnership;

(c) private companies if common shareholders have a majority interest in each private company;

(d) trustees ... if any person is a beneficiary common to the trusts of which they are trustees;

(e) a private company and a trustee if a related body corporate of the company (within the meaning of the Corporations Act 2001 of the Commonwealth) is a beneficiary of the trust of which the trustee is a trustee.


The States of the Commonwealth and the Territories.